Slippers: A Thousand Years of an Erotic Tradition

New printing of the popular book
by Beverley Jackson

shoe How and why did the torturous tradition of footbinding evolve and continue well into the 20th century? Did the men make them do it? Was it an erotic turn-on? Or was it a way to keep women and girls under male control? There are as many fanciful myths, legends, and fairy tales about the origins of footbinding as there are cultural, historical, and sociopolitical explanations for it.

shoeSplendid Slippers is an aesthetic, highly personal, and deeply respectful exploration of the facts and the fiction surrounding this fascinating and little-studied erotic custom.

Initially drawn to the extraordinary beauty of the shoes themselves, the author then became captivated by the women who created them and wore them--by their marvelous creativity, and by their terrible suffering.

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